Dec 3rd, 2014

#8 Super Mirror Stainless steel sheet No.8

If you look for high quality mirror stainless sheet, we strongly recommend our No.8 stainless steel sheet. Our price may be higher than similar ones from other countries,but we can assure you that our quality is different from other cheaper products. We have some regular clients in Europe and North America which require best quality for their luxury buildings / shops and for press plate. Especially from clients to produce press plate, this No.8 super mirror stainless steel sheet is highly evaluated for that of beautiful and smooth surface. If you require some samples like A4 size ( 200 x 300mm ) to check the perfect surface, please feel free to contact us.

No.8 Mirror Stainless steel sheet | Movie © Jem Industries corp. 2014

Product name

No8 (#8) Super Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet


1219x2438mmmm (4×8), 1219x3048mm (4×10), 1524x3048mm(5×10),
1524x5000mm (5×16.4), 1524x6000mm (5×19.68)


0.6mm(≒ 24 gauge) 0.8mm(≒ 22 gauge) 1.2mm(≒ 18 gauge) 1.5mm(≒ 16 gauge) 2.0mm(≒ 14 gauge) 3.0mm(≒ 12 gauge) 5.0mm(≒ 6 gauge) 6.0mm(≒ 4 gauge) etc.

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